We bring technology closer to people.

We are present in over 10 million homes, offering our technology and digital support service to large groups of clients in the insurance, banking, distribution, telecom, education and assistance sectors.

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Digital Support

Digital Home

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The power of people and technology

We are Sosmatic, and we work to bring digital technology closer to people. For more than 20 years, we have reached over 10 million homes through large groups to offer support and maintenance for their IT systems. And we do this by listening, empathising, learning, expanding and integrating all our knowledge and experience.

We believe in the power of people to humanise technology, to bring it closer to people.

Should we work together?

How we can help you

24/7 omnichannel and at-home IT and digital support

Our services are specially developed for large groups of clients in sectors like insurance, banking, distribution, telecommunications, education and assistance.

24/7 IT and digital assistance

Help available at any time so that technology does not spoil the peace of your home. Specialists in data recovery, digital home, IT configuration and set-up and online backups.

Family cybersecurity

Security for all members of your household and protection for the little ones in the digital world.

Business cybersecurity

Digital protections against any cyber threat.


24/7 technical resources and assistance with people specialising in helping seniors to resolve their issues and queries with personal and home digital technology.

Call-out technician

Installation, configuration and set-up of technology devices for personal and home use.

On-site assistance in Spain and abroad

Technological support service at the client's home, for all issues that could not be resolved remotely with IT assistance.


Diagnosis and repair of technological devices in our laboratory.

Key features of our service

Our team

With over 25 services offering assistance 24/7, 365 days a year, our department is made up of a highly qualified, empathetic and patient team of people. We listen to every call, we are passionate, attentive and we follow up on issues to help and offer solutions.

Experience in the sector

We have been working in the technology assistance sector for over 20 years. We are driven by people and a passion for technology. We know what we are doing.

Constant improvement

We evolve our services and adapt to the reality of an increasingly digital environment. We anticipate solutions to the needs of our clients.

Omnichannel service

Omnichannel input and unified control of user interactions to deliver an excellent user experience, tailored to your clients’ lifestyle.


High availability technology platform with externally audited contingency and continuity systems

Quality controls

Maximum monitoring of KPIs and compliance with SLAs. Internal and external quality controls available to the client

Always by your side

High degree of dialogue. Every project has a dedicated service manager with industry experience and supported by a highly qualified technical team.

Success Stories

Story 1

Technology problems

Client of a large law firm has an iPad that does not work properly and has not been updated for over a year. They do not remember the account details because they didn’t create it and they have been trying to solve the problem for a long time without success. At Sosmatic, we helped them unlink the old account, creating a new one, and guided them through all the steps to reset the iPad. The end result: one happy client with a fully functioning iPad in a few hours.

Story 2

Any time, any place

Over 90% of at-home support for clients was scored with a 9 or higher. At Sosmatic, we provide exceptional support to our clients when it comes to on-site services.

Story 3

We are by your side

A client called us very upset as he believed his computer had been infected and it could affect all the important information he had on his device. The hardware was checked for possible damage, but it was in good condition, the equipment was powerful and no saturation was detected. We recommended updating the device and the client was reassured that it was not infected.

Free resources

Secure online
purchases guide

A guide with all you need to
know to make secure
purchases over the internet.


Secure streaming
subscriptions guide

A guide with all you need to
know to control your digital
subscriptions securely.


Sosmatic blog

Technology news and trends.

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