Customer Service

We understand and resolve the needs of your clients through a service centred on people.

One of the consumer trends in the age of screens and social distancing is the increasing importance of making things more human, more relatable. That is why, when designing any customer care service, we have to propose a flexible, personalised and relatable experience. An experience more about listening and less about talking.

At Sosmatic, we work on the customer experience, in order to connect with every client, with every call.

Customer service

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Cornerstones Of Our Service

From customer service to customer experience

At SOSMATIC, we are passionate about offering the best user experience. We take care of the quality of our service and processes
We connect with people. We listen and we empathise, with a service by people, for people
We understand the customer journey of your clients and we adapt to each experience with the aim of attracting, holding and building loyalty
We have omnichannel services and unified control of client interactions to deliver an excellent user experience
Maximum monitoring of KPIs and compliance with SLAs. Internal and external quality controls available to the client
We optimise our organisation and processes to adjust our prices to actual usage rates without sacrificing quality
High availability technology platform with externally audited contingency and continuity systems
High degree of dialogue. Dedicated service manager with industry experience supported by a knowledgeable team
We have expert, empathetic, relatable, multilingual and fully qualified teams

We want to be the voice of your company

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