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We transform workplaces into digital experiences where people and technology are at the core.

If we are sure about one thing at Sosmatic, it is that the secret ingredient of any company is its employees: from business results and productivity, to innovation and growth, it all depends on talent. That is why it is so important to invest in the experience of workplaces, to create scenarios that support, help and bring out the best in every team, in every employee.

So, the key to sustainable business in a highly competitive and rapidly changing context is to approach the working environment from a digital perspective. And that is where we come in.

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We are Sosmatic, and we work to bring digital technology closer to people.

For over 20 years, we have been helping companies and users with the support and maintenance of their IT systems, and we are present in over 10 million homes to help with digital challenges.

We believe in the power of people to humanise technology, to bring it closer to people. For us, people and technology are an equal team, not opposites.

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We help you to transform the working experience of your employees

Digital Workplace Route

We analyse the current situation of your company’s working environment and we work on a roadmap for transformation towards a digital, secure and collaborative environment.

Workplace Evolution

We create a digital workplace ecosystem for you that spans infrastructure, operations and culture to produce a workplace where employees have solutions that enable them to work from anywhere, at any time.

Digital Workplace Management

We provide you with a team of remote or on-site experts, specialised in supporting users of the digital workplace, to assist the entire organisation. This simplifies the management process and ensures service continuity in the event of incidents and requests.

Benefits of opting for a Digital Workplace

Talent retention

A digital workplace creates efficient environments adapted to the current needs and lifestyles of our teams. Opting for a Digital Workplace means opting for experiences that put the employee at the centre and that translate into greater job satisfaction and commitment.

Efficient processes

Integrating digital tools into the company’s internal processes helps people and teams to wok better and facilitates the processes of connection, collaboration and productivity from anywhere. This makes it possible to be more effective in those key areas that have the most significant impact on the company’s results.

Greater security

Digital workplaces use cloud-based solutions and integrate cybersecurity protocols to protect information that guarantee the confidentiality of communications and the integrity of all the data processed in every tool and application.

Cost reduction

A more motivated team, more efficient processes and a more secure working environment means a reduction in operating costs for the company.

Ongoing improvement

One of the advantages of digital solutions is their flexibility and capacity to adapt to the environment and trends. In a rapidly changing context, an online environment allows us not only to respond, but also to anticipate changes in the environment.

Other key services


Cloud solutions tailored to your company.


We analyse the state of your IT infrastructure and devise an improvement and optimisation plan.


IT security services, damage prevention and response.

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