Help available at any time so that technology does not spoil the peace of your home.

Remote support service to handle incidents and usability queries related to the use of computers, peripherals and software, digital technology in the home, such as mobile devices, tablets, smart TVs, etc.

What does the IT and technology assistance service include?

24-hour helpline all year round

Issues with software, operating systems and popular applications

Physical and hardware issues, repairs

Multiplatform: PC/ MAC/ Laptops/ Raspberry...

Doubts about usability, installation of applications and their use, accessories, How do I...? We have specialists in all fields

Omnichannel: Telephone, chat, remote control, on-site, email, app...

At-home assistance for help with installation and operation

Help in troubleshooting the installation, configuration and use of smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, routers, home automation, video game consoles, ADSL/fibre

Some of our key services…

Inspection and set-up

Diagnosis, inspection and set-up of computers and digital devices, both remotely and on-site. Including:

  • Scheduled interventions and emergency care
  • Online diagnosis and action, by remote control, or on-site intervention anywhere in Spain
  • Fully personalised service, with diagnosis, adjustments and improvements and recommendations for use and maintenance.
  • We ensure the detection and removal of viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware and other malware
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Data recovery

Data recovery on any digital storage device. Including:

  • 24-hour service for the delivery and collection of damaged or erased data storage devices
  • Damage diagnosis and extraction of the list of recoverable items
  • Intervention by physical or logical means, depending on the damage, with a success rate of over 95%
  • Any kind of device, such as hard drives (magnetic and SSD), memory cards, pen drives, RAID systems, mobile phones
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Online backup

Installation and support for cloud backups. Including:

  • Design of a customised proposal and methodology for the group
  • 24/7 helpline for installation, configuration, use and recovery
  • App for PC/ Mac with a customised space plan
  • Support in installation and configuration of third-party apps like DropBox, Drive and iCloud
  • App Disaster Recovery for the full restoration of the IT system, in the event of general damage, theft or loss
  • Company-specific solutions
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Premium IT and technology support

Exclusive, high availability and unlimited IT and technology support service. Including:

  • Configuration of 6 PCs/ Macs and 6 phones/ tablets
  • Unlimited remote use
  • Unlimited at-home service
  • Data recovery: 5 per year
  • 6 IT check-ups
  • Antivirus: 6 PCs / Macs, 4 mobile devices
  • Online backup: 50 GB
  • Geolocation and device locking.
  • Parental controls
  • Unlimited wet mobile recovery
  • Replacement laptop
  • Technology personal shopper: unlimited use 2 hours/ appointment
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Contact us and we will reply within 24 hours.

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