Help available at any time so that technology does not spoil any moment of sharing and enjoyment with our loved ones.

IT and digital help, 24 hours a day.

24/7 technical assistance with people specialising in helping seniors to resolve their issues and queries with personal digital technology.

  • Available over the phone and via email, with priority response.
  • Aimed at all digital devices in the home, and in particular everything related to the internet of things, digital photography and video conferencing.
  • At-home service, if we cannot resolve the issue remotely.
  • Possibility of a welcome service. Every new subscriber will receive an introductory call from one of our welcome team explaining how to use the service.


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Video training capsules

Specially designed and created for older people, accessible from the service website or any repository of the client’s choice.

  • Training videos, approximately 2 minutes long.
  • Examples:
    ✓ How to download and install your antivirus
    ✓ How to install a digital certificate
    ✓ How to make an online bank transfer
    ✓ How to install Zoom or use Facetime to make a video call.


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1 hour video master class

Personalised service, by appointment, for 1 hour with a specialist who will train you in whatever you need.

  • Express learning sessions with specialists in the digital disciplines most in demand by seniors.
  • One-on-one personalised service, available by appointment.
  • Pay-per-use mode with beneficial conditions, or inclusion in senior service package, limited to X uses per year.
  • Examples:
    ✓ 1 hour essential Word, Excel, Powerpoint
    ✓ Using the Chrome or Edge browser
    ✓ Everything you need to know about Gmail
    ✓ Digital photography, optimisation of photos and albums
    ✓ Free cloud storage services, which are they and how to use them.


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Contact us and we will reply within 24 hours.

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