We are Sosmatic, and we work to bring digital technology closer to people to help, to connect and to transform.

We reach millions of homes, businesses and large collectives in the insurance, banking, telecom, distribution, education and assistance sectors to offer our B2B and B2B2C support services. If there is a person in need of assistance, we are there.

We specialise in L1 and L2 helpdesk support, customer service and BPO services, and we are always true to our mission: to help people through personalised, empathetic, human, quality and flexible services.

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We are a global company

+ 20 years helping and transforming

+ 500 people in our team

Service worldwide

Located in Spain and Latin America

We reach +10 million homes

We help +1000 companies

We are more about customer experience than customer service.

Our solutions are based on a digital, technological and flexible perspective, always putting people –our customers, professionals and society– at the heart of what we do.

We help to:

Large Collectives

We are present in over 10 million homes, offering our technology and digital support service to large groups of clients in the insurance, banking, distribution, telecom, education and assistance sectors.


Ayudamos a empresas en el soporte y mantenimiento de sus sistemas informáticos, infraestructuras tecnológicas y su ciberseguridad.


A través de nuestro Contact Center, somos la voz de grandes compañías en sus servicios de ventas, atención al cliente, soporte y bpo.

We are the sum of great professionals who grow with us

The secret ingredient of our company is our in-house talent. Join us and help us transform.

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