Diagnosis and repair of technological devices in our workshop.

Notable services

Repair of computers and tablets.


Assistance and repair of computers and tablets by our specialist team.

  • Desktop and PC repair. Immediate assistance.
  • Laptop repair. Receive immediate assistance in repairing your laptop, notebook or tablet.
  • Troubleshooting software errors, assistance in solving any problems you have with your applications and tools.
  • User assistance and training. A technician can help you to master your PC or technological device.
  • Installation of computer applications. We help you to install and set-up all the applications you want so you can get to work with no delays.
  • Recovery of damaged files. We use the tools that allow us to recover those files that are of great value to you.
  • Migration of information. We transfer all your data from your old computer to the new one of your choice.
  • Updating OS and applications. We update your software with the latest version available in a secure way.


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Wet mobile recovery.


No one can predict an accident, but we can ensure the best response

  • Intended for devices that malfunction or do not switch on after contact with liquid.
  • Home removal of the device and specialised treatment in the laboratory
  • 90% success rate in the recovery of mobile phones that have been in contact with fresh water
  • Use of this cover is recommended immediately after the incident


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